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Stredná Priemyselná Skola - Ipari Szakközépiskola













Mobility presents us with various challenges – from keeping safe to protecting the environment. The students at Stredná Priemyselná Skola decided to address an issue that is common in their area to help cut down on energy consumption.

The ideas

Many times in their neighborhood, the students in class 3K at Stredná Priemyselná Skola see transport trucks parked with their engines running because the drivers use them to generate electricity inside of the cabin. This creates an extra burden on the environment, which could be reduced through the use of photovoltaic cells. The students discussed this possibility in class

. In class, the students discussed the possibility of using a renewable energy source, and especially solar energy through photovoltaic cells, in these trucks. They also discussed the need to design a truck that is fitted for these photovoltaic panels for the purpose of reduced energy consumption overall.

The Initiatives

The students decided they would design an initiative to help make this solar powered truck a reality. This important initiative would be a great step in reducing fossil fuel consumption and improve the environment.  They decided that they would build a Solar RC truck as a model prototype.

The students’ goal was to show that renewable energy can at least partially cover the consumption of a truck. As they demonstrate in their video - which was made public through YouTube, Facebook, the school website, and other sources – the solar powered truck model worked!

The activity took a lot of time, skill and expertise, which has paid off for the students – within just two months they have already won two prizes. They entered the Slovak Enersol 2013 regional competition in March, winning 2nd place in the creative category. From there they went on to the national competition in April and placed 6th among all of the schools selected from around the country. The students intend to begin searching for a manufacturer to make a full-scale prototype of their design, and start making a big positive impact on the environment!

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