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For the students at IES Comuneros de Castilla, civic awareness and respect for the rules of the road are the most important factors to achieving greater road safety.

The ideas

The students in their first year of ESO at IES Comuneros de Castilla feel that Spanish drivers don’t place enough importance on pedestrians and cyclists. Furthermore, there is a lack of civic awareness in general, and drivers are very irresponsible when it comes to drinking and driving. This creates a lot of danger and aggression on the streets of the city.

The students concluded that the only way to improve road safety and mobility, and to share the public spaces in their city without having traffic accidents, is to generate greater respect for road safety regulations like speed limits and safety belts. They decided to help raise awareness in their community of these important issues.

The Initiatives

The students searched for information related to the topic of road safety rules, traffic accidents and responsible behavior. Their aim was to build awareness and understanding among their school colleagues and the people who use the school website about these issues and others.

They chose posters as their means of communication, and each student designed their own poster with its own message. The messages dealt with topics like drink driving, appropriate speed, and responsible driving in general. They also created a video about the same ideas to show on the informational screen at school and on the website.

All of the students, teachers and parents of the school community have appreciated and taken to heart these important messages.

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