Your Ideas Your Initiatives

Your Ideas Your Initiatives

The educational programme Your Ideas Your Initiatives was launched by Renault in 2011 as part of Safety and Mobility For All (SMFA). Its methodology is being followed by schools from across the globe, making them drivers of improvements in road safety and sustainable mobility.

Teachers and their pupils aged 12 to 17 years are encouraged to join this international initiative and develop a group class project. The aim is to encourage young people to make a contribution towards overcoming some of the major challenges in our society. The project goal is to inspire pupils to identify suitable changes that would make roads safer and mobility more sustainable.

The programme is structured in such a way that the pupils, while improving safety and mobility in their community, are also called on to be active citizens in the change initiative.

A series of educational documents, based on an approach aimed at developing action, guides teachers in their work with the class.

The work with the pupils is structured as two stages:

  • The Ideas: the young people think about the key issues surrounding road safety and sustainable mobility;
  • The Initiatives: the pupils run an awareness-raising campaign in their school or community.

Creativity is a central aspect of the project. Stimulating the pupils to act in order to change their environment promotes a sense of citizen involvement and encourages them to take action to change their environment.

The Your Ideas Your Initiatives programme received a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in London in 2018.

Teachers who run the programme with 15-17 year-old pupils are invited to enter the international competition Your Ideas Your Initiatives.