School name

Colégio Sesi Castro








1º, 2º, 3º EM


Castro- PR



In a playful way we tried to make children aware of attitudes that can significantly reduce accidents and also guide their families to develop preventive measures.

The ideas

After a discussion about traffic dangers such as recklessness, cell phone use, and other attitudes of disrespect to traffic laws, students decided to give a lecture for children between six and nine years of age. In order to prepare this action, we researched the topics we wanted to approach such as: signaling, seatbelt use, safety seats, booster seats, accident simulations; we also choose an expository video with the aim of making children aware of attitudes that can significantly reduce accidents and also can reduce the damage in case of an accident.

The Initiatives

The Prevention Agents Project took place in the city of Castro-PR. The lecture was presented in two classes of elementary school (1st and 3rd years) of the Mariana Garcez Duarte School. In our actions, we built two cars that simulate how a person can be ejected if they are not wearing a seat belt; we elaborated posters relating the age to the type of protection that should be used: comfort baby, highchair, booster seat, or seat belt. We have also built a path simulating situations of pedestrian use. In a playful way through music, dance, theater and video the children could expand their knowledge about the traffic signs.
The application of the project lasted about one hour; feedback was achieved through a game course in which the children had to make rescues and improve the knowledge gained through the project.

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