School name

Brummana High School








IB1 - Grade 11


Brummana, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon.



Our story contains a link to the video we made, as well as the PowerPoint we created, to educate the students in the region. We have also added the poster we designed with the basic guidelines for road safety, plus our ideas and initiatives.

The ideas

A very significant problem in our town, Brummana, is that the limited sidewalks we have are not sufficiently equipped for the disabled and are not safely designed for pedestrians. As well as that, there is very little provision for speed limits and road crossing (a very serious issue considering the numerous school students that circulate around the town). 


We came up with a few solutions to fix the circulation problem in order to make Brummana a pedestrian friendly town. These solutions include: 


1- Integrating bicycle friendly lanes on roads to be used exclusively for people on bicycles (this  has other benefits as well).


2- Making sidewalks more accessible for disabled people (elevating the sidewalks with hill-like structures).


3- Getting sponsors to build bus stops in return for their advertisements.



4- Drawing safely studied zebra crossings on the streets to be used for pedestrians to cross roads without risk.

The Initiatives

Our road safety project widely revolves around spreading awareness to others concerning the techniques to be taken in order to ensure their safety on the roads as well as the safety of others. We took three steps towards making this possible. Firstly, we designed a poster that we spread around our school and our region. This poster was designed with four simple guidelines that each and every one of us should abide by. (The poster we designed is included with our presentation.)


The second initiative we took was interviewing two individuals from the Lebanese Red Cross in Beit Mery, Mount-Lebanon, the town adjacent to Brummana. The reason we did this was to get a broader outlook on road safety from professional individuals who have experience when accidents occur. Moreover, this widely benefitted us since the video acted as another tool to spread awareness. We asked the Red Cross individuals three questions: ‘How do you define road safety?’ ‘What are the problems we face concerning road safety in Lebanon?’ ‘In what ways do you think road safety should be promoted?’



Finally, we decided to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that highlighted all the simple tips to stay safe on the road. This PowerPoint presentation was targeted at educating students at our school and in other schools about road safety in general. The presentation included basic information such as the reasons behind most accidents: drunk driving, ignoring safety precautions, not wearing seatbelts; as well as the ways road safety could be promoted: adding road signs, wearing seat belts, hiring more officers to enforce the laws more strictly. Another issue we tackled in the PowerPoint was the ways to prevent road accidents by choosing to drive cars with colors other than black or grey, as this would decrease the chances of accidents occurring at the night. 



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