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Colégio Sesi Ponta Grossa
 All class Papaléguas, after the accomplishment of the activities.










Ponta Grossa - PR



We hoped to raise awareness of drivers, who can choose responsibly to not use cell phones or consume alcoholic beverages in transit. Our campaign includes banners and a theatrical play demonstrating the implications of responsibility.

The ideas

Transiting the city you notice the irresponsibility of drivers who are using their cell phones or driving at high speed. Also, by examining data from the municipalities and other entities it is possible to affirm that many people drive after having consumed alcoholic beverages, causing accidentes which are sometimes fatal. Such irresponsibility should be discussed in society, and society begins in the classroom. Giving students a sense of responsibility, having them put research into practice and then asking their opinion about how to avoid major problems, is a valid method. An initial idea of the project was to carry out research and then observe the small distractions in local transit. The students were then separated according to the research methodology of the Sesi College, to work on the categories:

-Network traffic problems
-Natural Problems
-Viability of instrumentation for safety
-Implementation of policies

The Initiatives

After conducting some research, students encountered various traffic problems in the city of Ponta Grossa. Among these, three attracted much attention: Cellular phones and steering, drinking, and high speeds incompatible with the road situation. The best way to avoid such irresponsibility is driver awareness. The way we decided to bring this awareness was to express it through theater by demonstrating irresponsible acts at the corner by a traffic light, along with having information about our goal not to use the cell phone while you are in traffic and not to drink alcoholic beverages before or while driving. This practice was carried out jointly with agents from Ponta Grossa municipal transit.
In physics class, students working with Kinematics got safety instructions on how to avoid problems due to high speed. It was an introduction to the movements of bodies concerning the relationship of driving at high speeds to the driver.
To set up the theater, easy and inexpensive materials such as cardboard boxes, scissors and tape were used. A theater play is an activity which has greater impact on drivers than just handing out a short paper someone might not have interest in and just discard.
In order to have a more successful message, a traffic agent gave instructions to the students before the practice. It was part of the project, the #MaioAmarelo initiative, which focuses on traffic safety and is joins with the initial project.
For the theater play the students performed three different pieces, and alternated their performances, in order to show the social impact of loss due to traffic accidents. Some of the students, who did not want to participate as actors, held banners with messages suggesting greater attention in the transit and greater responsibility.

The whole practice lasted an hour and had a great impact on the students, who were able to observe reality closely as many drivers approaching the traffic agent hid their cell phones and watched the theater, showing respect to the agent which they need to show to life itself.

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