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Through this work, we seek to inform and educate students and the local community on the number of traffic accidents in our city and also draw attention to the issue of urban mobility, involving safety and sustainability.

The ideas

After meetings to develop the project, students were concerned about the lack of respect and awareness in traffic, especially in relation to the number of accidents and fatalities in our city. It was also clear that we need to find ways to improve the issue of urban mobility, since according to the data previously collected by the students, there are more than 215,000 cars and approximately 40,000 motorcycles circulating in the city of Cascavel, which has about 316,000 inhabitants.
Thus, several surveys and information searches were distributed to verify what our initiatives were.

The Initiatives

In the face of research, concerns, ideas and studies, we began with several actions:

- Lecture, with the mayor of the city, talking about works to improve traffic, involving safety and urban mobility;
- Educational Blitz, where students, in partnership with CETTRANS - Transit and Transport Engineering Company - distributed trash bags for cars with phrases of change and information pamphlets on traffic safety in support of the Yellow May international campaign, aimed at reducing traffic accidents; they also presented posters and staged traffic accidents;
- Intermodal Challenge SESI Cascavel College - where students went through a route using different means of transport: as walking or running pedestrians, cyclists, using cars or public buses. The intent of the challenge was to assess which method of transport was most efficient using different forms of displacement. We evaluated the time taken to reach the final destination, the cost generated and the emission of carbon dioxide.
- To complete the above mentioned activities, after the Educational Blitz students held a meeting with the other students in their classes to conclude and talk about their perceptions of the activities.

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