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Colégio SESI de Paravavaí
Sidewalk with glass bottle.




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1st and 2nd





We had meetings with staff to put our minds together to develop the project. Various ideas progressively emerged, among them: general signage at schools and a sustainable sidewalk.

The ideas

We first had some meetings with our team to develop the project. With our minds working together we progressively came up with multiple ideas, among them were improving the school’s general signage and the idea of a sustainable sidewalk made of bottles to improve the students’ access and exit from the school, using recycling bottles that would otherwise attack the environment. Another was the reconstruction of one of the bike paths around our school, “SESI Paranavaí”.

The Initiatives

From our discussions, we developed the idea of a lecture presented to the students by a traffic cop and a technician in the work area. The idea was to guide and raise their awareness, so that through these children, their parents also may be made aware. We have also been working on the creation of an awareness flyer to be distributed to the community; however, for this we will need sponsorship and so we will appeal to a councilor that has been interested in some of our ideas about traffic signs; we are very happy about this. We are trying to schedule a meeting with him to better handle the issue.
Due to our surroundings at SESI Paranavaí, we decided to have a campaign to collect glass bottles; they will be used to construct an ecological sidewalk in the vicinity of the school in order to facilitate the students' movement. For the development of this project we would enjoy hearing from many local people and to involve the students to make them aware of traffic and environmental safety. We believe that if we can disseminate our work through the internet, introducing it to the heads of other Paranavaí schools, we can pass our initiatives to more students and take advantage of an opportunity to talk about traffic and safety situations while connecting to the environment through the project.

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