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Colégio SESI
Vila Izabel School, where we teach children how to be better drivers and pedestrians.








Pato Branco PR



This project is about the traffic problems that we have in our city. We decided to teach children how to act in traffic and to help theirs parents and friends to be better drivers and pedestrians.

The ideas

Brainstorming about the project started with suggestions such as remodeling parking lots in front of schools or setting up bicycle lifts on the streets in order to encourage the population to choose a different kind of transportation which does not harm the environment and is good for health, among other ideas.
In Security, we try to teach students how traffic education is important in order to avoid many difficulties, such as accidents or road problems, which have been occurring in recent years due to the increased purchase of vehicles by the population, thus increasing traffic in cities and traffic congestion.
We began to think about how we could make the public aware of traffic education, so we came up with the idea of passing this knowledge on to children who are the generation of the future, so that they grow up with greater awareness of traffic situations.
We concluded that it would be more valid and easier to educate children than adults, and that they can pass the knowledge on to friends, parents or caregivers.

The Initiatives

The project chosen to be put into practice was education in traffic for children. It was done with the intention of teaching children from an early age to have traffic education and how important this is for greater road safety.
The action was directed and put into practice with children through games and various activities on traffic and how it works. We constructed two different activities that were printed which we called ‘Transit of Fun’ and ‘Coloring the Traffic’. Using recycled materials, we constructed two other games. One was called ‘Traffic Line’, in which the students had to match the names with the signs; and ‘Traffic Behavior’, in which the students had to pretend they were the cars and to respect the signs and the pedestrians. Before we started with the games, we taught some rules and signs to the children, and we noticed that they were paying a lot of attention to this.
The campaign was developed with activities and humor for students, with scheduled activities to be performed. They played a lot with the games in which they had to match names with their respective signs. They had to make the right choices in the board game, and they had to perform a race with their recycled cars.
The students were evaluated to have an excellent performance in traffic education and were congratulated and rewarded with board games, which they can play with friends and family with the intention of passing on the knowledge acquired to others. Little traffic tickets were distributed with the purpose of re-educating their parents or guardians regarding education and behavior in traffic, and a certificate, "Student with Excellent Traffic Performance", as well as lollipops were given out.
When we finished the project, we realized that the students knew many of the things that we taught them; they are very smart children. We felt very happy to help children learn a little more about traffic safety, and when we finished the project it was rewarding to know that our project could help someone to be a better citizen.

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