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Colégio SESI - Rio Branco do Sul








1°,2° e 3° ano do ensino médio


Endereço Avenida Ermírio de Moraes, 801 – Tacaniça Rio Branco do Sul/PR



Our project is a colorful reflective tape which can help drivers in general. This tape will be placed on the side of the highway so that drivers can identify danger areas such as closed turns, animal passages, schools, etcetera.

The ideas

The entry point to some cities near Curitiba is the Ore Highway, which has registered many accidents over the years due to poor signage and lack of awareness.
Currently the number of road accidents has only increased. More than 40% of road accidents result in death or injury; between 2014 and July 2015 there were more than 8,000 fatalities. The data is part of an analysis made by O Globo. The study shows that accidents increase by 10% on holidays and weekends. An example of a dangerous highway is the Ore Highway, concentrated at the exit of Curitiba; it is famous for accidents, most are due to imprudence when overtaking and lack of awareness.

The Initiatives

Our design is a colorful reflective tape which can help drivers in general to recognize dangerous zones. This tape is designed to be placed on the side of the highway so that drivers can identify where it contains a danger area, such as closed turns, animal passages, or a school, among others. This tape already exists for trucks, but only serves to identify that there is a truck ahead, and the basic color is red and white. Our tapes will be different colors.
• Orange: danger, reduced speed, animal passage, school, pedestrian crossing and vehicle exit.
• Yellow: slightly closed curve, train rails, higher speed and "attention".
• Red: prohibited overtaking, closed turn, landslide and high risk zone.
The tapes are 10 cm wide and the cost of these tapes would be around R $ 3.00 / m.
We thought about placing the tape on the road with the city halls of the metropolitan region and the highway patrol, since this is still a project and the authorities must approve it.
We created a Facebook page to have a wide reach in the community. This page contains all the information about the project; the folder has a simple explanation of the tape colors and their meanings. The focus is to reach the biggest public using simplified language. If the project is approved by the authorities it can be implemented on a large scale.

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