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By making online and offline promotions, the team of Assassinator Coming Back reminds drivers and passengers in third-tier cities to use safety belts. It also introduces how to correctly use safety belts, telling everyone that safety is priority.

The ideas

On a rainstorm night, Jian Guo was driving his car. Suddenly, he found a small yellow man on the dashboard carrying a sword on his back. He had the following dialogue with his friend Tuo Tuo.
Jian Guo: Something is wrong with my car? What should I do?
Tuo Tuo: What’s wrong?
Jian Guo: Someone in my car is carrying a sword on his back. Is my car having some problem?
Tuo Tuo: No, it’s not.
Tuo Tuo: Your car has an assassinator in it. Just catch him.
Tuo Tuo: And don’t tell people that we know each other.
If a driver doesn’t wear a safety belt, a yellow icon will appear on the main dashboard, reminding the driver to buckle up and drive safely. The icon looks like an assassin with a sword. Driving dangerously is like a hidden assassin that might appear anytime, threatening our lives. So our team used the icon as our team name.

Yes, it’s us. We have come back. The Assassinator Comes Back.

Now it is common to see in Huanggang that drivers of taxis, cars and trucks only fasten safety belts on expressways or at traffic lights in the city for the sake of convenience. In suburbs or when making short trips, drivers and passengers do not fasten their safety belts.

Considering this common phenomenon in Huanggang city, the Assassinator Coming Back team made a questionnaire survey done in two phases. In the first phase, we selected two classes at random for a responsive questionnaire (69) in the self-study night class on April 6th. In the second phase, on April 10th, we handed out 150 questionnaires near the Huangshang Mall in Huangzhou District of Huanggang and retrieved 79 of them.

Results showed that most drivers and passengers fasten their safety belt. However, 20% of respondents just fasten them occasionally or have never fastened them and 76% are indifferent about reminding people to fasten their safety belt. Because of the results, our team proved the fact that in third-tier cities in China there is less emphasis on wearing a safety belt. On campus, off campus and online, the Assassinator Coming Back team members are calling people’s attention to buckle their safety belts.

The Initiatives

On Thursday, April 13th, Youth League Activity - the Assassinator Coming Back Team members visited three schools to demonstrate to four classes the importance of fastening their safety belts. During our lecture, we asked the same question to the students of the four classes:
A. Did the driver wear a safety belt when you took a taxi downtown on the weekend?
The students all said no, they had never seen the taxi driver wearing a safety belt.
B. Do you always wear a safety belt?
The students said sometimes, usually when on the highway or taking a bus.
During our lecture to the four classes, we discovered that most car owners and passengers of Huanggang City don’t wear the safety belt during their drive to the suburbs or for short distance travel.

On April 17th, we posted a letter advocating safety belt fastening on the notice board of the college, calling upon the students to emphasize safety. On the following day, with the help of Campus 110, the team promoted the campaign on the official website of the College Security Division. On the morning of April 15th, the team had talks with Lantian Taxi Company Limited in Huangzhou District of Huanggang, which was persuaded by the team to cooperate with them. On the afternoon of that day, the promotion letters for safety belt use were handed out at the crossroad, in the Xiyanyang Hot Pot Restaurant along Xingang Avenue in Huangzhou District. While handing out the pamphlets, the team also voiced the importance of safety belts to the people there.

The Assassinator Coming Back team members also publicized the importance of safety belts on WeChat public Number(Assassinator Action)and in QZONE(

One traffic problem we found during our several days survey in Huanggang was that taxi drivers and car owners seldom or never wear their safety belt when driving. This is a serious mistake; everyone should wear a safety belt, otherwise you’re not only risking your own life, but also the lives of others.
By making online and offline promotions, the team of Assassinator Coming Back reminds drivers and passengers in third-tier cities to fasten their safety belts. It also introduces how to correctly use safety belts, telling everyone safety is priority.

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