School name

Johann Ludwig Schneller School










Kherbet Kanafar - West Bekaa



Together we worked and discussed road safety issues in our community. We did research and had presentations from the KUN HADI organization. Since we didn't have the proper signs next to our school, we bought seven signs and installed them there.

The ideas

Our class worked in groups, twice every week for about two months, on the ROAD SAFETY PROJECT. We heard from our school that we were going to participate. We were so delighted and thrilled to know that we were chosen to be part of this project. We already knew that this topic is of great importance to us. We kept hearing about catastrophic accidents and we knew that it is a major problem in our country.

In our groups, we discussed some problems that are important and that we needed to shed some light on. We felt that we needed to have more information about these problems and find out how they could be solved. The main points that interested us were speeding, riding bikes, motorcycles, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and their safe usage, knowing the road signs and the importance of seatbelts; these were important simply because we have lost friends and relatives. Everyone drives fast. Our friends ride motorcycles recklessly. Children don't know the importance road signs. We needed to help our parents and friends to see the importance of seatbelts. We Googled, discussed, questioned and were very curious to learn. We were happy because we were learning and we believe our friends at school have learned something too.

The Initiatives

We realized while discussing the project that it would be great if we could be of some help to our neighborhood. The death rate is increasing because of car accidents. We had to do something. We needed to avoid the loss of dear ones.

KUN HADI helped us by giving three presentations to three age-groups. In each 45 minute session, children shared their experiences and asked about everything. They participated eagerly.

Our area lacks basic signs. The need for signs was obvious to us because we pass by daily. We had to take action and so we decided to put road signs (speed limits, warning signs and parking signs) next to our school. Our teachers, the administration and the KUN HADI organization helped us to choose the right spots. We organized two cake sales and raised enough money to buy the appropriate signs. We bought the signs and the poles from Jounieh, Beirut. We decided on the day and our class gathered with our teachers and went out to start our campaign. On the highway, with the help of the municipality, we dug the holes, mixed the cement, and started our work. Some carried the very heavy buckets of cement. Others held the poles, while the rest took the measurements to install them in the most appropriate way.

The administration was proud of our work and our teachers were proud as well. But we believe that the most important thing is that we were so excited, happy and proud of our achievements. We definitely learned a lot. We hope we’ve made and will continue to make a difference.

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