School name

Brummana High School








Grade 11





The streets of Lebanon are very beautiful, connecting various villages of different cultures. However, they lack an essential element for proper safety ‒ bus stops.

The ideas

As a group, we sat together and gathered our ideas on how we could work as a team to decrease risks and make our community a better place to live in. Many ideas came to our minds on how we could improve road safety. We decided to work on the most important one related to our region. Every day we hear that various people, especially pedestrians, have died on the road due to one reason, the lack of bus stops. In Lebanon, people don’t give significant attention to the importance of bus stops and aren’t aware that a simple bus stop would save lives, protect drivers and pedestrians and ensure road safety. Many car accidents have occurred and many people have died due to the lack of bus stops and still the government doesn’t get involved in eradicating the reason causing all these tragedies. So, we as students in the age of technology decided that raising awareness of this life saving cubicle would be beneficial and would enhance our positive contribution to our society.

The Initiatives

After multiple interactions with the municipality of Brummana, we decided on locations to place small bus stops. We went searching for volunteers that might contribute to building aluminum bus stops in chosen areas, since in our country the price of aluminum is reasonable and it’s a great element that holds up in tough weather. Not only that, but we decided to raise awareness on an individual level; therefore, we created posters that reflected our main topic and gave out pamphlets in order to ensure that everyone was aware of our intentions.

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