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The objective of our project was to develop sensitivity to the mobility difficulties of the blind when on the street.

The ideas

Our first idea was to make a car that was safer than all the others. Then we talked with Emerson (the man in our video) and he explained the difficulty for vision impaired people to travel safely when on the street. He said to us that even if they listen and estimate where the cars are, they still have problems crossing the street. So our team decided to change the original subject of our project and instead to help the people that really needed help. Most of our research was done by us talking to Emerson and also by looking on our city website for data that could help us to build our project. After we did the research we built a PowerPoint presentation, we interviewed Emerson and we wrote down our project.

The Initiatives

We decided to focus on blind people and their needs. Our message to people is that everyone should help those that can not always express their feelings or needs. Our project was built with research done on the internet, interviews with Emerson that gave us some data that made it easier to do. With the interview, we could measure if the impact for the blind would be positive..

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