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Colégio Sesi Paranavaí
Think twice , where the reader can see the traffic lights choose what's best for your life.








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Our project is a reflection with and between students on transit problems, especially those that affect us directly. Understanding these problems can help young people to save lives.

The ideas

During work and study period students discussed how young people perceive the traffic situation in Brazil. We, the students involved in this project, got thinking about how we perceive this dynamic in our city and state.We then researched data on the internet related to traffic accidents among young people and the reasons behind these accidents. Next, we discussed the results of this research. We were surprised to find out that traffic accidents represent the second largest cause of death among young people between the ages of 15 to 29 years old, second only to murder. In Brazil more than 40,000 deaths a year are related to traffic accidents.
This process was completed with two lectures at the school. The first one was with a safety technician and the second one was with a police officer responsible for responding to help requests related to car accidents in our city. In both lectures, we had the opportunity to make contact with people who face daily problems related to traffic safety; in this way, we were able to have more contact with this reality.

The Initiatives

Right after the debates, research and lectures, we investigated a way of publicizing the work we had been doing on this project which would best attract youth to the debate on transit related dangers. We decided to publish a ‘fanzine’, a fan/magazine related to the topic. According to our idea, this model of publicizing is more attractive than a traditional one.
To develop our fanzines, we researched records of young people who had suffered traffic accidents, numbers and data related to accidents involving young people in Brazil, movies, pictures, music and such. With this material, it was possible to put together the fanzine.
We then went into the classrooms to talk about and share the fanzines with fellow students, with the aim of multiplying traffic awareness.

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