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Our Lady of Mercy School
OLMobility 2.0 - Risky Behavior Cover








High School students


Rio de Janeiro



OLMobility is in its second year. Having originally focused on road safety, the ongoing OLMobility 2.0 addresses crucial issues towards the development of youth responsible behaviors while driving, such as the misuse of cellphones and drink-driving.

The ideas

Considering relevant data analyzed from DPVAT reports, a Brazilian organization responsible for indemnifying victims, the OLMobility 2.0 team aimed at discussing risky behaviors in traffic.
It is common knowledge that during the teen years individuals tend to make choices that can heavily influence their futures, whether in a positive or negative way. This is also a time when responsibilities and duties should be taken into account. Having responsible behavior in traffic is an attitude that must be shown and encouraged.
Being aware that one should not text or drink while driving can make all the difference in a teenager or young adult’s life as well.
Since the project directly portrayed Rio de Janeiro in its first year, the OLMobility 2.0 team chose to focus on this growing problem in Brazil: the number of fatal car accidents involving teenagers and young adults, which is growing at a fast rate.

The Initiatives

The OLMobility 2.0 team took several actions to raise awareness of the concerns it addresses.
First, an original song was created, inspired by a bus crash accident in Carrollton, Kentucky, (U.S.A.). Then, a film was developed, focusing on the impact of having responsible behavior and making the right choices. This film shows the story of a mother experiencing deep pain because of a nightmare she had about her son. In this nightmare, her son was driving under the influence of alcohol, causing a horrible accident with a school bus full of kids.
Regarding accessibility, middle school students produced a second film which tells the story of a driver and incorporates Libras – Brazilian Sign Language – into the story.
Our school’s International Festival was the perfect occasion to discuss this issue – an issue common to the streets around the world – since it was an event that embraced several nationalities and customs. The students created an original cheer and flash mob to surprise and engage the OLM community present at the fair.
The team invented two mascots - Moby and Safey - and a brochure containing Safety Tips for kids, to be distributed during PE class when the students performed a practical traffic experience.
Finally, the project was presented to our middle and high school students, followed by a lecture given by a nurse who works in a public hospital emergency room.
The project set out to show teenagers and young adults that what they can and will do makes a huge difference in their lives. It is also very important to understand that everyone has a choice and that the choices made now will still matter later. Making the right choices - deciding not to drink and drive, not using your cell phone while driving, and respecting traffic laws and signs - saves lives.
The OLMobility 2.0 truly hopes to have impacted positively on people’s lives.

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