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Colombian school innovates in Road Safety

As part of their civic education course, the 10th and 11th graders from Margarita Bosco College in Bogotá, supervised by their teacher Luis Hernando Soto Mesa, decided to participate in the Your Ideas Your Initiatives competition. Their motivation: to contribute to the Sustainable Development objective "Sustainable cities and communities" and to help reduce the rate of fatalities and accidents due to lack of road safety education. As part of their participation, the students developed very technological proposals. Their teacher comments:

"Taking into account the objectives of this competition, we focused on the use of technology and bet on the ability of our students to develop mobile applications, which can provide a solution to the problems identified. Over the past decade, apps have proven to be one of the most effective and direct ways to interact with users; they make our lives easier by generating meaningful interactions and experiences that influence our behaviors. "

The college offered no less than four different contributions developed by separate teams! Let's listen to the students talk about their project:


  1. CTVAI - Take care of your life instantly.

“We don't need to wait to be adults to make some positive changes, so we decided to take advantage of the technology and we created an App, CTVAI – Cuida tu Vida al Instante. This is our contribution to promote road safety!”


  1. Turistando - Tourism on two wheels.

“we had the idea of designing a free mobile application, “TuristAndo” to connect users with all the necessary information about the use of bicycles, showing how easy it is to discover and visit Bogota by bike in a sustainable way.”

  1. Instapick - Let’s learn about road safety.

“With our App and its different functionalities, we aim to promote a better culture on the road and allow to trace an easy, fast, and safe route not only for cyclists but for everyone.”

  1. Stop - Don’t get distracted on your way.

“A single second can take your life! The use of cell phones on the road is dangerous and people use them nonetheless. We created an APP – STOP, to limit the use of these devices by road users.”


This healthy competition has proven to be productive, as the four projects are all very well designed. Turistando's is even one of this year's finalists!

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